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Default How I Got My Girlfriend To LOVE Anal Sex

She was a tall brunette model and 21 when i met her. She love sex, especially oral upon her. As she tasted exquisite, I would do this gladly at anytime. I have a nice solid and thick 7 inch cock and she loved it. For 2 years we pounded, licked, and sucked each other crazy. I noticed she would 'buck' just a little if my tongue got near her asshole. It was sensitive she said. I could tell it was a good kind of sensitive. I began to explore there more often and one magical day I slowly moved directly onto her ass with my tongue. OH MY GOD!! She began to quiver and within 3 minutes had an earthquake orgasm. I knew then, my cock had to gain entry! It took 13 months to get there. During oral sex I would always lick her ass and over time introduced a lubed finger. At first she would say "no" but then over time, she would allow my index finger in at least 60% of the time. When I decided 2 fingers needed to stretch her a little, I purchased a tube of Ora-Jell (for tooth pain) and without her knowing it, with one finger, my index I used a combo of lube and Ora Jell to numb her anal opening. Allowing for 5 minutes for the med to work, I gently slid in my index and middle finger. I mean very slowly as I could feel her anal muscles fighting me, but they relaxed and finally I had spread her ass close enough for cock entry. But I am a patient man, and a planner. I continued this technique for several months and watched her orgasm from my fingers.
The Big Night. We had friends over and lots of drinking occurred. Our friends left. She wanted me to lick her and I surely wanted to. After 30 minutes or so of licking and putting my fingers in her ass, she said "want to try to fuck me there?" No joke folks...not at all! You know my answer, and I knew if this goes wrong, most women will never let you try again. I lubed her and numbed her well, then lubed myself, and very gently entered. If you know anything about anal sex you know there is a tight point after initial entry that you must get to relax, or you are done for the night. I listened to her as she would say "stop...don't move!" Then would say "ok, keep going...very slow!!" Then "Stop...stop...don't move!"
Then "ok...go real slow!" By the way...my cock too- is numb from the ora jell, I am not feeling pleasure or pain!" You ready for this....she asks "how far in are you?" I said truthfully "All the way to my balls Sarah!" Then, she began to quiver, then violently shook, told me "Do not move!" and she had a 4 minute orgasm of proportions I had never witnessed! Absolutely drenched in sweat and her eyes totally rolled back in her head. When I slowly pulled out, I saw her open ass contracting still from orgasm. The wall between the vagina and anal are so thin, that when done right, a woman can orgasm tremendously. When you get a stunning woman to orgasm from fucking her ass, you have achieved a high pinnacle of life!
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